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Rico Sogocio

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Rico is a licensed attorney, jurist and seasoned professional whose career spans 28+ years in both the public and private sectors, encompassing a diverse, interrelated body of legal experience in such areas as corporate, business, technology, administrative, regulatory, litigation, and immigration. Currently serving on the bench, Rico has previously served as corporate counsel, legal advisor, personal representative, associate general counsel-section chief, federal prosecutor and defense attorney. 


Along with Angela, his wife of 26 years, Rico is the proud parent of 3. He enjoys outdoor activities such as walking, hiking and cycling, particularly in natural settings. An avid reader, he also practices mentorship, community volunteerism, and kundalini yoga.

“SoFIE allows me the opportunity to engage, collaborate and learn from forward thinking entrepreneurs who demonstrate qualities I admire: curiosity, vibrancy, innovativeness, critical thinking, problem-solving, resiliency, compassion, and persistence, and who harness their ideas, skills and energy to identify, create and implement solutions beneficial to the community at large.”    

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