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Larry Kruguer

Professional Background: 


Over 25 years of global business experience in Consumer Services across various industries with particular focus on General Management, Strategy, Business Development., Marketing and Operations. Has been in start-up companies, early IPO entities and established Fortune 500 companies. Strong ability to provide an entrepreneurial perspective within a large structured organization or help an early stage company prepare for next phase of growth. Most recently served as COO of Wingstop Restaurants Inc, one of the most successful publicly traded restaurant companies of the last decade. He has held senior roles at brands like American Express, Alamo Rent-a-Car, CBS Sports Interactive and Wendy’s.


Areas of Focus: 


Strategy, consumer marketing and global business development


Personal Interests: 


Father of 4, with his 3 oldest following as diverse interests as he - his oldest Samantha now married lives in northern Michigan and uses her masters in environmental education to help young children better appreciate the nature around them; Savannah is working in her field of art restoration/museum studies as she prepares for her masters and Jordan is completing his undergraduate studies in applied mathematics/engineering/computer science at Harvard. His youngest Nacho, just graduate Kindergarten and starts his educational endeavors in first grade within the Montessori system; while Claudia, his loving wife, is a lead teacher in Spanish/English in the Montessori system and a champion of child development, world peace, equality for all and Mindfulness. The family all love sports – both recreational and competitive (Soccer in particular!) and traveling the globe is a favorite pastime for all.

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